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William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead

Photo by John Gary Brown for Creede Repertory Theatre, 2013 - with John DiAntonio, Andy Brown, & Dustin Bronson.

A True and Accurate Account of the 1599 Zombie Plague

London, 1599. After the Globe's inaugural performance of Henry V, Shakespeare fends off an embittered Will Kemp, furious about Falstaff's removal, and Francis Bacon, who has arrived with an idea to pitch. But when the company's costumer is bitten by a plague-ridden madman and the Queen and her men arrive seeking safety, life in the playhouse takes a turn for the worse. As Affliction spreads through London, the Globe is quarantined and the survivors within must fight for their lives ... and for their art. A comedic homage to zombie films and a carefully researched drama about Shakespeare and his authorship.


8 men, 2 women, 1 boy, various extras (zombies, soldiers, players, etc).


90 minutes, one intermission.


"If there's one show that deserves to be resurrected after the Fringe, it's John Heimbuch's brilliant and hilarious zombies-meet-Shakespeare epic ... If you know Shakespeare, you'll be roaring as the show lampoons everything about the Bard and ludicrously reuses famous lines while the heroes battle invading zombies ... MUST SEE."
- Saint Paul Pioneer Press

"John Heimbuch's script is witty, clever, peppered with self-referential humor and wonderful wordplay on some of the Bard's best lines. Every performance in the large cast is a standout. Do not miss this show!"
- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Both Shakespeare and horror nerds will enjoy this brilliant Elizabethan production of bloody proportions, taking zombies into new and exciting terrain."
- Fangoria Magazine

If anything, the results are even better than they sound. Heimbuch's script is unerringly witty and unapologetically referential, and the performances are unabashedly crisp and fun. The undead are rarely so enjoyable.
- City Pages

"A wild ride ... Mayhem rages throughout the streets in this well done zombie/Shakespeare mashup ... Walking Shadow manages to balance historic authenticity with zombie horror in a funny and clever manner."
- The Rake


More than twenty productions around the US and Canada, including:
Creede Repertory Theatre (Colorado)
HiSTORY Stage (North Carolina)
Hat Trick Theater (Florida)
Renegade Theatre Company (Minnesota)
Actor’s Guild of Lexington (Kentucky)
Cleveland Shakespeare (Ohio)
The Shakespeare Company/Ground Zero (Alberta)
Stage III (Wyoming)
Drag Strip Courage (Texas)
Plays and Players Theater (Pennsylvania)
Walking Shadow Theatre Company (Minnesota)


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Walking Shadow Theatre Company show page

2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival show page

Production rights for this script are being handled through Samuel French.

Heimbuch's script is a great intellectual feat, tossing several balls immediately into the air and keeping them there for the play's duration, dispensing tidbits of information at a heady, entrancing pace that may have you on the edge of your seat. - Jay Gabler,
TC Daily Planet

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