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Or the White Whale

Publicity image by Eric Melzer for the Southern Theatre.

Created in collaboration with Jon Ferguson and the original ensemble.

This brutal and beautiful adaptation of Melville's novel slices through the core of Captain Ahab's vengeful ambition to reveal the unstoppable approach of the inevitable, and the dark potential lurking within us all.


10 men


100 minutes, no intermission


"Jon Ferguson has put his stamp on impressionistic and richly emotive original works that draw upon movement and sound to project non-linear narratives, but he changes course with Or the White Whale, John Heimbuch's adaptation of the novel "Moby Dick" premiering at the Southern Theater. While this ensemble work incorporates music and physicality, it is also true to Herman Melville's bleak poetry and despairing view of existence..."
- Quinton Skinner, Variety

"Or the White Whale reads to this feminine spectator as a virtuoso exploration into maleness, its strength and weakness, its sincerity and its contradiction—a show at once tragedy and celebration."
- Lightsey Darst, MNartists.org


The Southern Theatre, Minneapolis MN 2007.


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Heimbuch's script is a great intellectual feat, tossing several balls immediately into the air and keeping them there for the play's duration, dispensing tidbits of information at a heady, entrancing pace that may have you on the edge of your seat. - Jay Gabler,
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