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The Transdimensional Couriers Union

Publicity photo by Dan Norman for Walking Shadow Theatre Company. Featuring Melissa Anne Murphy.

"...a virtuosic narrative that bends and twists like a Mobius strip."

The Transdimensional Couriers Union follows the story of two lovers who unwillingly get swept into a dangerous cross-generation race to save the future. It begins when an artist named Sophie mistakenly receives a cryptic message from the futureā€”a future where she and her boyfriend Peter are seemingly gun-wielding enemies. Or it begins two years earlier, when inventor Savien Mercure meets investor Eleanor Morgan and they begin the process of creating the CX9 InterTemporal Impulse Device -- a device that allows an individual to travel between any two points in time, as long as there is a receiver in both locations. Then again, maybe it really begins right where it ends; forcing us to question if we're destined to make the same decisions over again or if we can create new variations of our timelines.


3 men, 3 women, 4 others.


150 minutes. One intermission.


...an intense, time-traveling sci-fi ride ... one of the most complex and ambitious plays I've seen
- Becca Mitchell, TC Daily Planet

...a thrilling sci-fi tale that's smarter and more engaging, on more levels, than just about anything you're likely to find at a multiplex.
- Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

...a virtuosic narrative that bends and twists like a Mobius strip
- Quinton Skinner, Pioneer Press


Walking Shadow Theatre Company, Minneapolis MN, May 2010
Newfangled Theatre, Fargo ND, April 2013


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Heimbuch's script is a great intellectual feat, tossing several balls immediately into the air and keeping them there for the play's duration, dispensing tidbits of information at a heady, entrancing pace that may have you on the edge of your seat. - Jay Gabler,
TC Daily Planet

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