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London After Midnight

Publicity photo courtesy of Steve Shroer and Hardcover Theater.

A penny dreadful series in five episodes.

Co-written by Mark Steven Jensen, Shanan Custer, John Heimbuch, and Steve Schroer.

A fast-paced romp through Victorian history and literature, including Varney the Vampire, Robert Peel, Queen Victoria, Spring-Heeled Jack, Professor Moriarty, the Beetle, Burke and Hare, and Inspector Bucket. In five interconnected hour-long episodes:

Episode 1 - The Dead Are Missing From Their Graves
Episode 2 - The Kiss That Brings the Sharp Teeth Near
Episode 3 - The Redness of the Drink That Is Not Wine
Episode 4 - A Moonless Night, A House in Flames
Episode 5 - Even Worms Will Not Feast on Such Foul Meat

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4 men, 2 women.


About 65 minutes each episode.


a tongue-in-cheek gothic thriller that's loads of fun
- Stephen LeVigne, On the Purple Circuit


Hardcover Theater (Minneapolis MN, 2005-2007)
Denver's Dangerous Theatre (Denver CO, 2010)

If you are considering this script for potential production, please email the playwright: john@johnheimbuch.com

Heimbuch's script is a great intellectual feat, tossing several balls immediately into the air and keeping them there for the play's duration, dispensing tidbits of information at a heady, entrancing pace that may have you on the edge of your seat. - Jay Gabler,
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