Bad September

photo by Christopher Bowlsby

Bad September is a retro-futurist art rock band. Our steampunk-infused songs blend themes of technology, progress, revolution, and romance in a Neo-Victorian setting.

"The British EP" features five songs inspired by the labour movements of 1840s England (Chartism, Luddism, Marxism) which tell of Queen Victoria's exile and the rise of a new communist Britain. Also included are an assortment of underground banknotes and a copy of the Empyreal Times - England's finest aristocratic newspaper.

"Austria-Hungary 1957" is a full-length album in which stories of adventure, anticipation, and destruction revolve around a lonely airship captain and his brief encounter with a British cabaret singer in Cadiz. It also features songs about The Mechanical Turk, a duel between Tesla and Edison, and a failed assassination attempt of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Learn about our music and upcoming gigs at www.badseptember.com.

Game Development

I have developed or facilitated theatrical puzzle games for Walking Shadow Theatre Company, the Minnesota History Center, and MN Zero. These games blend aspects of live performance with group-based problem solving to unfold a narrative in which the players function as the main characters.

Atomic Adventure - touring mystery game (Minnesota History Center 2013)
Steampunk Mystery Mayhem - touring mystery game (Minnesota History Center 2012)
Saboteur - site-specific theatrical game (Walking Shadow Theatre Company 2011) -- full walkthrough
City of Glass - large-scale puzzle hunt (Minnesota Zero 2009)
1926 Pleasant - site-specific theatrical game (Walking Shadow Theatre Company 2006) -- full walkthrough

...one of the sharpest young minds in local theater.- Graydon Royce,
Star Tribune

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