The New Adaptation Manifesto

A couple years ago my friend Mark had an evening off, and being an intelligent Discordian with a penchant for nonsense, he decided to feed a Phillyist review for my play William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead through something called a Travesty Generator and then steer it down a long road of Google Translations and finally back into English. He then sent the results to me. When I replied at some length about Dadaism, author intent, and automatic writing, he took that response and sent it through the same process, and then gave it a judicious if whimsical edit. The result, which he titled the New Method Adaptation manifesto, is posted below in its entirety.

You want to create what is written, regardless.  About the size of the ideological division, physical contact of resources is very easy to see.  Place the development of this document online, and then how many layers verify this are not in question.

If you believe using automatic writing is to write freely, I believe it is necessary to send this poem.  I want another to experience the depth of poetry in all live art, the possible acquisitions, the enormous hat.  In order to contact Henry, the point is clear that all the experiences of the past conceal this game, the procedure, and too the poems written by Tristan Tzara.

Experience is the game, but the review procedure does not work. All creating knowledge were proud of it, but review is not sufficient for this court.  Any question is possible for a person, but what about the project, the poetry, the indictment, the artistic interpretation? But for the art, through which the media is attempting, in every moment, to make it more clear what works and what can work no effect at all on the hat, the ceiling, the device, the ideological level. I would write about New Method Adaptation, but I think some of the impact with poetry is what happens when a person is not clear.  If you believe that writing and sending this poem was independently interesting, 5 entries on the first page wanted to know when, what, and for the text is written.

However, to talk of and analyze the main ideological point, I say that the nature of text is written to send a request.  To create through word and poetry because you can feel each level of the enormous hat tells of clear a sense of recognition, and of the break with contact.  Although the resources to develop this document clearly reduce my brain capacity, they say it is necessary to write this that way.  For me to send the status of this study, what I want is important.

He thinks to break free, but all entries after 5 levels conceal this process completely.  They say that the way to play and solve the line of development is interesting for the brain.  Clearly, all other text, poetry and writing, is of no interest to me.

But the issue is clear. I have no personal ability to shape fact.  As nearly proud as they all can feel, in the end the new method does not function normally. However, think of today.  You even believe the impossible is interesting.  How far can we go with a person or two since the text is not clear when a person has been affected.

Can you hide that here? Really, Tristan Tzara is no end for me, because although the hat is not enough to call interesting, they but click’d 2 see the possible nature of the starting material, and were proud of it. I do not know the role of transliteration, of source materials, but clear ideological distribution of resources on behalf of one winner before I understand the importance of art-derivatives is and is not attractive.

You can feel it is impossible for the line of development to impact the starting material, but with time, there is really no end to how far you go before the text actually crosses level of random phase autonomy.  It is unclear when the glossary of nature will play the role of please and thanks on transcription and the presence of recognition on the ideology map.

When, for me, the nature the person is New Procedure layers, play type on-line development of lunar probe derivatives will not hide the severe effect of transliteration resources.  Although because people even sense the infinite in time, all poetry is the art of living interestingly.  Or, as Tristan Tzara may nearly know, I could see that this is another enormous hat.  Infinite, actually.

Every time he thanks me, and at every call, it is clear we believe an accusation or two.  Not me, no. Nor when, part of the time, it is recognition issues based on this process, not possible acquisitions to influence the poetry and the capacity of my brain.   For me, because all this another part is his writing, a word two others were proud of is the starting material.  How can the source of the text affect–no, reduce–the ideological significance of the materials?

Of course, at any point, the need for the role is the ideological location of this document.  The work needed to contact the division is, at present, the basis of the ideology and a general knowledge which we can create and affect.  You know it not, but the same is clear for Henry, and someone at City Hall.

Or course, New Method Adaptation is a familiar process, poetry written independently of the text.  Both of the size, and ideologically.  Obviously, the interesting note that is that the first page of the text is not art.  The nature of interesting questions is written there, however: Develop experience with depth.  The art of all poetry is living, interestingly.

However, to talk seriously, what I can do with with words is not you wanted to know, because although it is what all this is about, how can 5 entries on the list view “Click Here” to think and feel? Think on all this.

Thank you, time 2 go. 

Naturally, I was struck by shocking viability of this “adaptation” of my work (at least as evocative and meaningful as the Second Dada Manifesto), and immediately asked his permission to repost it. I had intended to construct an essay around the subject, but of course, he beat me to the punch.

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