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Letter to Schiller – 6 Jan 2014

Grüezi Mein Herr Schiller, We haven’t spoken directly before, but I hope you’ll allow me to introduce myself, as we’ll be in dialogue for the next month or so – my name is John Heimbuch and I’m a theatre director … Continue reading

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Yorick’s Skull

A theatrical audience is basically conscious of two things when watching a show: the world of the play and the world of the stage. By juxtaposing narrative information with staging techniques, it is possible to meld these two perceptions and … Continue reading

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The New Adaptation Manifesto

A couple years ago my friend Mark had an evening off, and being an intelligent Discordian with a penchant for nonsense, he decided to feed a Phillyist review for my play William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead through something called … Continue reading

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On the Interpretation of Stage Directions

Minnesota Playlist asked me to write an article covering something I felt strongly about, so I wrote an article on the interpretation of stage directions. You can read the article here.

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There’s this new movie coming out, Anonymous, which will give Shakespearean authorship hypothesists something to gad about for a few more years. You can watch the trailer here. I respect that the story of Edward De Vere is extremely movie-worthy, … Continue reading

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